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Have a camel ride through the Gobi desert in Mongolia
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Tailor-made Tours

We receive individual travelers or groups for adventure, fishing, riding, hiking, bicycling, wild nature, hunting, photo safari and historical tours. We organize every detail of your adventure meticulously , ensuring that your personal experience is never compromised. With everything tailor-made and taken care of, you can sit back, relax and escape into our exciting domain of adventure.



Activities & Properties

Intourtrade Tourist ger camps use the traditional home of Mongolian nomads, the felt covered ger, as guest rooms

Our Tourist Ger Camps

Out of the city, ger camps are the most commonly available full service facilities for tourists. Tourist ger camps use the traditional home of Mongolian nomads, the felt covered ger, as guest rooms.

Mongolian stone therapy is a specialized and heated massage treatment to benefit your mind, body and soul.

Relaxing Hot Stones At Our Spa

A must-have treatment after a day of traveling through the rough Mongolian terrain. The stone therapy is a specialized and heated massage treatment to benefit your mind, body and soul.

MONGON UUL tourist camp of INTOURTRADE company is located in picturesque Hovd province not far from Hovd town.

Mongon Uul tourist camp

The Mongon Uul tourist camp is located in Hovd province, perfect for adventure travelers and hunters who enjoy the wild nature, snow peak high mountains of Western Mongolia.


Into Mongolia

Travelling to Mongolia is one of the best travels in the World. Because Mongolia is one of the last remaining countries with nomadic style of life. Intourtrade will guide your most attractive & adventures tours.

  • We got – Experience
  • We promise – Adventure
  • We serve – Comfortable
  • We guide – Mongolian History
Land of nomadic heritage - Mongolia


Our Tours Into Mongolia

Corporate Office

Our corporate office serves as base operations for all our tours.

Corporate Location

Room 401, Olympic House, Chinggis Avenue, Ulaanbaatar 36, MONGOLIA


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What Our Guests Say About Us

“The well thought-out planning of the trip by INTOURTRADE, our competent companions, the comforts not only of ger camps but also of the Chinggis Khan Hotel in Ulaan Baatar helped to make each day of our trip become an unforgettable experience as well as the beauty and diversity of the Mongolian landscapes and the friendliness of the  people we met.”

Mr. Kneer Bernd & Dr. Esser Josef

“This is a “fan” letter – a letter of praise to three wonderfully talented people who have enriched the lives of John Mulligan and Nanette Eklund this year.
Munya and Bold, I am such a “fan” of you two. We might never have known what we would have missed if you, Munya, had not shown us the book and given us Jack’s card while we were in the office of Intourtrade Co., Ltd. in May.”

Nanette Eklund & PI John Mulligan

Enjoy the best of Mongolia with us

We specialize in private customised tours all over Mongolia with licensed drivers & guides tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the clients.
Traditional Mongolian dishes



Traditional Mongolian cuisine like Mongolian-style barbecued meats and meat filled dumplings, but Mongolia’s culinary tradition is multifaceted.
We know the restaurants in Ulaanbaatar that cater to all palates and diets, with a wide range of western and Asian food on offer.



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