Dog Sledding Vacation

Winters in Mongolia are long and cold, with temperatures ranging from -20 to -45 degrees Celsius. Most tourists flock here in summer to enjoy the comfortable but the adventurous enjoy the beautiful nature of Mongolia during winter!
For people who enjoy a thrilling experience during wintertime we have the dog sledding tours. You will be exploring the snowy Mongolian nature, with its frozen rivers and lakes from the back of a sled and experience the nomadic way of life meanwhile observing the wild fauna and flora in Mongolia’s cold winter season!

While dogs have always played a crucial part in traditional Mongolian life, the idea of dog sledding is a relatively new idea. But with temperatures reaching -45 °C in winter, Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world, dog sledding is a beautiful way to explore the Mongolian wild.

Dog sledding in Mongolia: Would you take a Mongolia holiday in the winter? This is what it's like! The Mongolian countryside is seriously beautiful


Ice Fishing

What could be more magical than your very own Mongolian dog sledding adventure? We customize tours from 2 to 14 days throughout winter. Besides dog sledding ice fishing is also part of our great winter tours. The rivers and lakes of Bayan-Olgii, full of trout, salmon, and other freshwater fish, are famous ice fishing spots in Mongolia.

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Dog Sledding Tour in Mongolia

Quick overview

10 nights/11 days
Bus/Mini van/Jeep* 

*Depending on amount of people and preferences

Available for:

Large group:
Small group:
8 people plus
3 – 7  people
1 – 2  people

Day 1:

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.  Accommodation in Hotel. City sightseeing. National folk and dance concert.

Day 2:

Breakfast, transfer to the airport for departure to Moron.  Arrive in Moron, transfer to Katgal.  Accommodate in local hotel.

Day 3:

In the morning depart to Jim Gan Tuul camp. Dinner in the camp. First contact with dogs and raid departure, driving sled, to visit a little island of the lake, Hadan Huys. Fishing party.

Day 4:

Fishing party in the morning, afternoon go to other side of the lake, to a place called Hels Ovo Davaa from here, just on the junction with Ih Sho Gnulin Gol River to found a beautiful place to have our bivouac.

Day 5:

Under ice fishing party in the morning. Later, we’ll go to Dalayan Modon Huys, the bigger island of Khuvsgul.

Day 6:

Dog sledding and fishing all the day.

Day 7:

Soon in the morning, we’ll reach left side of the lake to Har Usny Rashaan, very little lake close to Khuvsgul, then, stay near the coast to stay in Jim Gan Tuul Camp.

Day 8:

Sledding and fishing all day near Jim Gan Tuul Camp.

Day 9:

Morning. Transfer Katgal/ Murun. Transfer Murun/ Ulaanbaatar by plane. Night in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 10:

City tour, Natural museum, shopping

Day 11:


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